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Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 - PS4

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Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 - PS4


The legacy continues with this collection of four of the classic platform adventures of the iconic Blue Robot, complete with new features and new ways to play these great games. A Mega Man Legacy Collection sequence that contained the original 8-bit titles in the series, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 covers the evolution and retro revolution of the series! 

4-in-1 Timeless Adventures - Experience the legacy of the long-standing videogame icon Mega Man with these four major classics in the main series: 

- Mega Man 7 - This 16-bit platform classic introduces a store in-game , with special items, plus a mysterious rival, Bass, and his lupine companion, Treble.

- Mega Man 8 - The blue robot enters the 32-bit in even more colorful stages, with incredible animated story sequences and voices for the first time in the franchise. 

- Mega Man 9 - This game marks the triumphant return to the roots of the series, with visual, music and 8-bit gameplay. Play as Proto Man and face Fake Man in additional content included. 

- Mega Man 10 - Play as Mega Man, Proto Man or Bass in this fun and challenging 8-bit adventure. Take on the Mega Man assassin robots in three additional stages included.

• Ease for Beginners - For those new to the series, the collection introduces a new option to play with additional armor while learning how to play during its first time. Saving points have also been added for easier reloading. 

• New Remix Challenge Mode - Play classic stages like never before and test your marathon skills against bosses and stage remixes! 

• Mega Man Museum - Explore the legacy of the original releases of these games, with a historical archive that includes hundreds of developmental materials such as concept designs, drafts, production art, and more.

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