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Xtorm Fuelbank 8x (20.000mAh)

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Xtorm Fuelbank 8x (20.000mAh)
The Fuelbank 8x has a 20,000mAh internal battery and consequently has enough power to charge your smartphone four times. Of course it is also possible to charge other mobile devices, such as a tablet, navigation, of wireless speakers, with the Fuelbank. If the battery inthe Fuelbank is empty, simply connect it to a USB port or mains electricity to recharge it. The Fuelbank has an LED power indicator that displays the remaining power level. What'smore, as the Fuelbank 8x has two separate USB outputs, you can charge 2 devices at the sametime. This way you could also share the energy with your friends. Simply press on/off to startor stop the Fuelbank charging process. With this convenient travel charger, you'll always have a back-up battery at hand to charge your mobile devices wherever you are!
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Product Name Xtorm Fuelbank 8x (20.000mAh)
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