SteelSeries Rival 700, Optical Gaming Mouse

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DESCRIPTION: Steel series Rival 700 Powerful Gaming Mouse Giving Gamers Real-Time Information And Notifications When They Play. Feel Your Cooldowns What Triggers You? No Two Alerts Are The Same. You Get To Choose Which In-Game Events Automatically Trigger A Tactile Alert And Have Complete Control Over How Each One Feels. For Example, The Moment You Get Stunned, You Can Set An Alert To Go Off And Stop The Instant The Duration Of The Stun Ends. Completely Customizable Customize Vibration Patterns, Duration, Triggers, And Tactile Alerts To Enhance Your Gaming Experience. Zero Recoil The Tactile Alerts Have Been Carefully Placed In The Center Of Your Mouse, So You Feel The Pulse Strongly In Your Palm. By Directing The Pulse To Only Move Up Through Your Hand, Opposed To Left And Right, Tactile Alerts Will Never Impact Your Mouse's Tracking So You Can Keep Your Pixel-Perfect Aim.. Vivid onboard OLED display Tactile alerts let you feel the game Ergonomics built for every grip style Prism RGB illumination Modular cables, top covers and sensors
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Product NameSteelSeries Rival 700, Optical Gaming Mouse
BrandSteel Series
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