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X-mini Evolve Wireless Headphone Speakers

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X-mini Evolve Wireless Headphone Speakers

The X-mini Evolve headphones come in some fairly basic packaging that’s pleasing to the eye and robust. There’s a badge on the bottom left corner which reads ‘The Gold Standard in Portable Sound’… I guess we’ll be putting that to the test later. Opening the box reveals an excessive amount of foam packaging and protection, which is no bad thing. We initially thought that the headphones came without cables until we removed the foam insert and flipped it around, so a word of warning if you’re someone who hastily throws the packaging away without checking things out. You’ll find a USB cable for charging and a 3.5mm headphone cable with in-line microphone controls.

The cans themselves are a bit of a weird design. X-mini has actually crammed 2 drivers into each side, with the first pair acting as desktop speakers. Sound is produced from the gold plates on each of the earpads and has full stereo capabilities. A switch on the right swaps between modes and is flanked by a Bluetooth button and volume controls underneath. There’s also a micro USB socket for charging purposes and a 3.5mm AUX jack if you want to use them wired. Having so many controls on the same side can get a little confusing, especially when you’re wearing them on your head. The plates themselves are metal and feel pretty sturdy, while the rest of the cans are finished off in a glossy plastic.


THE EVOLUTION IN PORTABLE SOUND Powered by X-mini's™ signature compact audio drivers, the X-mini™ Evolve extends X-mini's™ expertise and experience in delivery great sound beyond size to the headphone category. Providing users with both personal and shared audio in one easy to carry device. X-mini™ is once redefining boundarie


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