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Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" 144Hz WQHD FreeSync 4ms Ultrawide Gaming Monitor - A gaming monitor with a big 34" ultrawide WQHD screen, high 144Hz refresh rate & Freesync to allow you to take gaming to the next level.

The new Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34 "WQHD FreeSync 144 Hz is the best model you will find to enjoy your favorite games in a spectacular way. A large model that fits perfectly in all the places you want to put it, either on your table or on your wall. One of the most incredible models that you will find in our catalog, specially thought for you to enjoy in a big way. Keep reading!

One of the Xiaomi's biggest screens

This model is one of the most impressive you will find in our entire catalog, a model designed to give you everything you need in this world. A gaming model like never before.

This 34-inch screen is one of the most spectacular models you will find at this time, a spectacular size. With a Wide Quad HD resolution 3440x1440 px offers the best audiovisual quality so you can enjoy your favorite games with a sharpness you could not imagine finding at this time.

Curved screen and FreeSync, for your to enjoy gaming and video editing

A curved screen is a must if you're a video game lover, video editor and want to see everything in a big way. This model has a 1500R curvature so you can see everything big and feel yourself inside the action without any problems. Thanks to this, this model has a 21: 9 screen ratio that will allow you to enjoy video games in a big way.

This model is created with AMD FreeSync technology that ensures a seamless experience with low latency, you can start living the ultimate fluidity in your games and gives you the best quality of use to have an incredible video editing. 

Impressive color range

Not only is it one of the most spectacular models you'll find right now. It also has several technologies that will give you everything you ask for if you want to see everything in a clearer way.

Wide color range

A model like this is designed so that you can see everything in an incredible way. It offers you an ultra-clear image thanks to its wide color range with which every corner of the scene can be realistic and of high quality. You will feel inside the game world, one of the most spectacular models.

Blue light filter

We know you want to play for a long time. And you want to do it without a problem with your eyes, protecting your eyes while you play the coolest games or edit photos and videos. To help make sure you can, this model features blue light filter technology to give you the best possible support. It's amazing technology.

Maximum brightness of 300 nits and contrast of 3000: 1

It is not only a model with the most spectacular technology, but also a model that gives you the best quality thanks to its maximum brightness capacity of up to 300 nits and a viewing contrast of 3000: 1 , one of the best gaming monitors you will find at the moment. One of the best models you will find.

It fits everything you need

Not only is it one of the most spectacular models you'll find, it offers visual quality you've never imagined. This new Xiaomi model is one of the most adaptable models you have seen right now. This model has adjustable height so you can use it without any problem. You can also enjoy a fully adjustable viewing angle . And you can enjoy wall mounting with its wall bracket . An incredible and spectacular model has arrived in our stores, do you want it?

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