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Are you tired of being restricted to a joystick when you game on your console? Don’t just adapt to any gaming accessory when you can game like a pro with the Xim Apex Keyboard-and-Mouse Adaptor Compatible with the PlayStation 4 console. Enjoy gaming at your convenience and be seated anywhere as the hub enables you to connect multiple devices for varied gaming genres from a distance. Utilize the tactile feedback of your keyboard while you go gun-crazy in first-person-shooter games and use the mouse to snipe heads for that coveted headshot advantage.

XIM Apex Keyboard and Mouse Adapter


Adapt to any gaming genre with the Xim Apex Adaptor for PlayStation 4 as it gives you the flexibility to add multiple peripherals to enhance your gaming experience. Role-playing gamers love the tactile feel of a keyboard as the programmable “WADS” keys help in diagonal movement while those who want to have some fun with a first-person-shooter game would like to have a mouse at their disposal. Burn some rubber and leave the tarmac with skid marks as you grab a joystick and connect it to the keyboard and mouse adaptor for PS4.

XIM Apex Keyboard and Mouse Adapter


The slim and sleek profile of the Xim Apex Adaptor for PlayStation 4 allows you to carry it along for LAN parties and gaming sessions with your buddies for an all-out binge gaming session. The Xim Apex Keyboard and Mouse Adaptor, which is compatible with the PlayStation 4 console, supports analog player movements, making it a versatile accessory that helps you to game better. Game from your couch and still ace it as the wireless connectivity feature allows you to connect to wireless devices for a more enjoyable gaming experience. The hub supports three peripherals through its built-in USB ports, enabling you to connect your favorite gaming accessory. Game smart and gain an advantage when you beat your opponents to dust with the Xim Apex Adaptor for PlayStation 4.

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