AOKZOE A1 Windows 11 Portable Pc Gaming Console ( 16 GB RAM , 2TB Memory ) - Lunar White

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Product Description:

AOKZOE A1 Windows 11 Portable Pc Gaming Console ( 16 GB RAM , 2TB Memory ) - Lunar White (Free Official Case + Screen Protector) 

Featuring 8 Cores and 16 Threads - along with 4MB of L2 cache and 16MB of L3 cache - AMD Ryzen™️ 7 6800U Processor guarantees the strongest gaming computing power. Its potential frequency is as high as 4.7GHz.

A1 powers games with AMD Radeon 680M Graphics, featuring 12 CUs and 768 SPs. The AMD Radeon 680M Graphics boosts the computing power and bandwidth by 50% compared to Vega, all with double the cache and RB+. The frequency of GPU can reach 2.4 GHz.

 Even performing at 1080p, AMD Ryzen™️ 7 6800U  processor with AMD Radeon™️ 680M Graphics easily surpasses NVIDIA's MX450 - by as much as 100% when it comes to the ten most popular AAA games.
AOKZOE A1 features an 8-inch Full-HD IPS Display with 1920 x 1200 resolution. The pixel density peaks at an impressive 283 PPI. AOKZOE did not go for the typical 7-inch screen or larger 8.4-inch. The 8-inch screen is widely praised among insiders for the overall balance of the weight, portability and visual presentation.

Memory speed is as important as any other feature. Only with high frequency memory can the potential of AMD Radeon 680M Graphics be fully realized. Now enter LPDDR5-6400MHz.

AOKZOE A1 features a built-in M.2280 PCIe3.0 solid-state drive, with a maximum support of 2TB of PCIe. This enables higher reading and writing speeds, negates anxious wait time, and allows for more local files. A1 also supports high speed TF 3.0 cards as a more cost-effective way to add hard drive capacity.

AOKZOE uses 3.0 SD card with a maximum(theoretical value)speed of 300MB/s, 10 times higher than the 2.0 TF card and its maximum(theoretical value)speed of 40MB/s.

Gaming is fun. Your gaming console should be too. The symmetric RGB Breathing Lights give a vibrant look that adds style and shine. The lights can be personalized by pressing key combinations, and gamers can open the light bar to switch between different light modes. There are 3 modes and 20 additional light effects, so you can turn game time into showtime!
Unlike others, we don’t just use “portable” as a marketing slogan. AOKZOE strikes the balance between battery life and weight. The standard version of AOKZOE A1 weighs a mere 668g, which is about the same as the 7-inch Steam Deck but with longer battery life. The long range version, on the other hand, carries 65Wh(17100mAh) battery and weight only 729g.
And who doesn't want longer battery life in a more compact size? Our long-range variant will extend your gaming hours. While the regular variant gives you about 3 hours of playtime or 6-8 hours of video time (@1080P), the long-range variant can reach up to 5 hours of playtime or 7-9 hours of video time (@1080P).
A sweeter fact: A1 supports PD fast charging which can charge the device to full in 90 minutes!

Cooling is incredibly important for maintaining performance (and for avoiding burned palms!). To dissipate heat as fast as possible, we used PC grade high-speed fans and deliberately enlarged the air intake hole to reach 4.8 CFM air exchange rate.

In addition, we put in place a pure aluminum cooling fin and a pure copper cooling pipe. Throw in the help of a smart temperature control system, and the overheating problem can be overlooked for good.

We went all in and employed Wifi 6 for data transmission. Meaning you’ll be able to download Elden Ring within 15 minutes. It’ll probably take longer for you to decide your character class than it will be to download.
Despite the impressive array of features mentioned, we know that it’s not enough. External accessories take their own precedence. That's why we embedded 2 USB 4.0 ports, 1 USB 3.0 ports and 1 headphone jack. To account for more use cases, there is a usb4.0 port provided for possible docking stations, at the bottom of the device.

Two sets of front-facing stereo speakers simulate a 3D sonic effect. Absorb the AAA Games as if they came into the real world.

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Product NameAOKZOE A1 Windows 11 Portable Pc Gaming Console ( 16 GB RAM , 2TB Memory ) - Lunar White
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