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Nanoleaf Canvas Starterset: 9 intelligent panels with RGBW LED (16.7 m color tone including adjustable white) including control panel with integrated music synchronization technology. Touch panels. The square Nanoleaf screens are easy to control with the haptic. Turn your Nanoleaf Canvas installation on or off, change colors, or switch to another scene simply by touching one or more ranks. Can be connected directly to your home's Wi-Fi network - no hub or bridge required Works with Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit, Google Assistant and IFTTT. Can also be controlled via the Nanoleaf app or via Nanoleaf Remote (native connection). Be Creative: Expand Your Installation. Each control panel can control up to 500 square plates (requires additional power supply). Just create your own light masterpiece. The Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter Kit is everything you need. You can connect the nine LED light fields to be controlled via touch or via app on any page. Your intelligent light artwork integrates perfectly into your smart home and lets your home shine in a new light. Modular pluggable light fields Dimmable LED lighting with color changer Compatible with many smart home controllers (eg Apple, Google, Amazon) Control and program via control panel or app Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 1.3 cm Weight: 170 g Intelligent light art Create Your very own, colorful wall decor and give your room a new ambience. The Nanoleaf Canvas Light Squares offer all possibilities and can be controlled interactively. Just plug the eight light squares that come with the control panel together as you wish and create a unique, intelligent work of art - whether over the sofa, in the party room or in the bedroom. There are hardly any limits to the variety of forms. Creative control The light squares respond to touch and can be addressed via a multi-touch control. Just place your palm on a light box and change the color of the box. Change the light sequences via the control panel. Or use the Nanoleaf app to manage your innovative LED lighting not just in color, but also on a schedule. The built-in audio sensor even lets your light fields respond to noises (Rhythm mode) for a completely new music or gaming experience. Program your very own light games. Energy-saving lighting experience in the smart home The highly efficient and durable LED lighting reduces your energy consumption. Compatibility with the popular smart home platforms allows you to customize your license ...
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Product NameNANOLEAF CANVAS SMARTER KIT NL29-0002SW-9PK light boxes,
TypeCololight And LED Strips
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NANOLEAF CANVAS SMARTER KIT NL29-0002SW-9PK light boxes, best price from Alfuhod
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