PlayStation 4 Star Wars II Battlefront -R1

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The pounding of an AT-AT. Rebels are firing their blasters. Imperial Speeder race over. Intense battles between X-Wings and TIE Fighters. Complete epic Star Wars battles and experience your own heroic moments in Star Wars Battlefront. Fight for the rebels or the Empire in multiple multiplayer modes for up to 40 players, or crash alone, split-screen split screen or online challenges inspired by the movies. Star Wars Battlefront combines epic action with amazing replicas of some of the Star Wars universe's most famous planets, weapons, characters and transportation. Add to that the original sound effects from the movies so Star Wars fans get the ultimate interactive experience they always wanted. Play familiar characters Become a hero or villain of the galaxy. You can play some of the most famous characters from Star Wars, like Darth Vader and Boba Fett. You'll also be interacting with some of the original trilogy's favorite characters, such as C-3PO and R2-D2 Epic battles on the ground and in the air Gear for battles of galactic proportions. Stand by the enemy on foot, drive a huge AT-AT, race around with agile speeders and much more. You fight in the icy tundra of Hoth, in the ancient forests on Endor, in the desert of Tatooine and on the hitherto unexplored planet Sullust. Interactive and photorealistic entertainment experience Visit classic planets from the original Star Wars trilogy, with unparalleled detail and realism - so authentic that it catapults you straight into a far, faraway galaxy. Experience amazing digital replicas of the original models from the Star Wars films, deceptively brought to life through the photogrammetry technology used by DICE, ground combat of galactic proportions. Different mission modes The missions of Star Wars Battlefront are action-packed and ideal for offline play, as a couch co-op or online co-op. Play different missions like the Star Wars Battlefront Survival Mission or as multiplayer An authentic experience Star Wars Battlefront brings the legacy of Star Wars to life like never before. Visit classic planets of the original Star Wars trilogy with a unique level of detail and reality. Experience the original sound effects from the movies and amazing digital replicas of authentic Star Wars movie models. In this game you can tell it was made by Star Wars fans - and that's exactly what it's like.
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Product NamePlayStation 4 Star Wars II Battlefront -R1
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