Porodo Magsafe 15w & Multi-port Charging Hub Pd45w

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1 . This device features 4 Power Delivery (PD) ports, 4 Quick Charge 3.0 (QC 3.0) ports, and wireless charging, totaling 9 charging ports. It can deliver a combined maximum power of 110W. Should the power exceed 110W, the device will cease operation to prevent damage.

2. For individual port specifications: each QC 3.0 port can output 18W, and the PD port can output a maximum of 45W for USB 5 ,30W for USB 6 ,20W for USB 7, and 20W for USB 8.

3. When USB 1 and USB 5 are used simultaneously, their combined output is 18W + 30W. Similarly, when USB 2 and USB 6, USB 3 and USB 7, USB 4 and USB 8 are used concurrently, they support a combined output of 5A+5V/1 .5A.

4. A smart sleep switch is integrated to automatically dim the display after two minutes of inactivity. Features such as vibration, voice control, and a gentle light touch can reactivate the display screen without causing disturbance, facilitating nighttime use.

5. The current display screen provides real-time monitoring of the current and voltage for each charging port.

6. The charger is built with an intelligent protection system that includes safeguards against over-voltage, overload, and over-current, ensuring the device’s operation is stable and safe, thereby effectively preventing accidents.

Charging Guideline

1 . Always use the standard power cord and the charging cable initially provided with your smartphone to ensure compatibility and optimal charging.

2. For wireless charging, position the phone at the center of the charging pad to align with the induction area. A magnetic rubber ring aids in proper alignment. The thickness of any case or cover on your phone should not exceed 2mm to ensure charging efficiency.

3. The Quick Charge (QC) port and the Power Delivery (PD) port are designed to function on separate circuits. Utilizing both ports simultaneously may result in lower power output or reduced charging voltage. For the fastest charging experience, it is advisable to use one port at a time.

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Product NamePorodo Magsafe 15w & Multi-port Charging Hub Pd45w
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